Caisses 1.21

Impressive free Sokoban game with 500 levels


  • Customizable themes
  • Choice of backgrounds
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Highly addictive


  • No hints system
  • Small game window

If you've ever dreamed about working in a warehouse (and I know I have on many occasions), then the chances are you used to love playing Sokoban. Although, you probably didn't know it was called Sokoban, but it's the one where you have to push boxes in a straight line into a designated space.

Well, the game is still alive and kicking, and is widespread on mobile devices. Caisses is one of the more interesting clones I've come across though, and provides amazing depth considering it's a piece of freeware.

Your basic aim is the same old story - you're a warehouseman who must shuffle parcels around. You can only push the boxes in a straight line, and you can't push more than one box at a time. As a result, the gameplay is very addictive, but certainly not very original.

The best thing about Caisses is the fact that you can customise the game to the n-th degree. Not only can you choose from a bevy of cool backgrounds, but there are loads of game themes to choose from too. For instance, you can choose to play as Pac-Man, Zangeif, a nurse, or even the Linux penguin, and the objects you push change accordingly.

It gets pretty tough as you progress through the 500 levels, so it would've been nice to see some kind of hints feature, but the challenge of getting your head around the hundreds of puzzles is enough to keep you coming back for more.

The graphics aren't the best ever and because this version is ported from a mobile phone version, the game window is quite small.

Nevertheless, Caisses offers a fun way to test your brain during a break from your usual routine.

Caisses is a Sokoban clone that includes 500 levels and 14 different backgrounds and themes. The original version of Caisses is Caisses DS, a Nintendo DS homebrew coded by Kukulcan. In this game, you are a warehouse keeper, and your mission consists in arranging boxes by pushing them onto their designated locations.

Boxes can be pushed, but not pulled, and the controls are simple: either point to the spot to move to with the stylus, or use the directional pad!



Caisses 1.21

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